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So, the list has been trimmed down from 128 to 124.

The biggest name to withdraw from the list is Tsutomo Tateishi. The former Benilde Blazer was averaging less than three points per game for MPBL’s Valenzuela and most definitely, this is not going to cut it. The other four names to gain epiphanies are Justin Caganda, Dickson Ty, and Ivan Sanchez.

Let’s just keep things straight here – 124 divided by 12 is 10.7.

No PBA team would pick eleven players and discard the rest of their lineup. Most PBA teams would play three or four rookies with their top two picks as their main priorities. Regardless of how good the player is, getting picked in the fourth round is most likely a career death wish.

Yes, Peter June Simon, Leo Austria, Totoy Marquez, Mike DiGregorio, Warren Ybanez, Kalani Ferreria, Paul Zamar, and Topex Robinson are notable players from the fourth round and up... but this is a small percentage of success stories as compared to the hundreds picked through the years.

Also, I didn’t know that Alfonso Ventura is AJ Benson.

Had I known, he’d be a lot higher on my list.

And through research, I saw that there are a lot of US NCAA players on this list.

So yeah, expect a lot of draft shockers. Christian David, a player expected in the first or second round of the draft, has so-so numbers for Butler. With that said, other notables including Richard Rodger, Taylor James Miller, Patrick Jamison, Marco Guzman, and JM Gregg are bent to shock the onlookers.

I also checked out the other names on the list and while I don’t know some of them, they have tolerable MPBL numbers.

For some insane reason, I can’t see the PBA D-League numbers as well as the PBA On Tour numbers.

Anyway, this is what I got.

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