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It’s a cool visual.

We see pole vaulters running full speed at night with the spectators within touching distance.

I miss live events.

In some ways, this is a nice way to promote the sport because we are used to seeing pole vaulting in stadiums and not in this kind of setting. I mean... I am not trying to say that it’s cool to have them compete inside a mall or a Rakrakan concert sponsored by your favorite alcoholic drink.

However, it could be fun.

What’s also fun is how EJ Obiena is doing his thing after reaching the finals of the Tokyo Olympics. More than a week after placing second in the Paris leg of the 2021 Wanda Diamond League, Obiena tore it up once more by beating his personal record with 5.93 to set another Asian record.

And he did win the gold medal in the 17th Golden Roof Challenge in Innsbruck, Austria.

Earlier in the month, Obiena became the fifth-best pole vaulter in the world.

As I said, mainstream pole vaulting needs to happen. If we can have parlor games in noontime shows, then how about pole vaulting, weightlifting, and long jump? Whoever wins in 2022 needs to fund our athletes.

Also, kudos to the dude who did the diving shoulder tackle.

That move needs to be a wrestling signature move.

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