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The sucky thing about this setup is that I think I had a variation of this in 1994. It's not an Atari but a Nintendo Entertainment System and it's not a joystick but it could have been because the one I had was far from new tech at that time.

Also, I had this friend who had a more baller setup than what I had. He had this room wherein his Super NES setup is far superior to mine. The only problem is that I had to go from one subdivision to another because I barely had friends in my village and I am far too lazy to walk to his village every day.

But back then, I didn't really finish games. I never finished Super Mario 1 because I was really a casual game who had his first home entertainment system far too late and had sweaty palms most of the time.

It does not help that my favorite game at that time is The Simpsons: Bart vs the Space Mutants - a game that I never finished. It's a very hard game especially back then when you're not a hardcore gamer and you have to start from scratch when you mess up.

This reminds me... I must find an online simulator of this game.

I guess this is why I never cared about Play Station and other gaming consoles. I prefer to play things on my computer because it had everything. I prefer laptops over desktops because I can carry them anywhere and I can also watch, type, and play. The only gaming console I owned other than the NES and brick games during the mid-to-late 90s is a PSP - and the games I owned then are Smackdown versus Raw (because I love the GM Mode), Patapon (addictive), NBA, WSOP, and racing games.

I've been somewhat dumbing down on my phone usage these days since I'm always in front of my computer and I don't really like playing games on my phone.

I still have this thing wherein I have to watch Youtube videos before going to sleep.

I am not really dumbing down on my phone usage, ahihi.

Also, I must find that Simpsons game!

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