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I got this image from Everything Fishkeeping

I did something bad.

I bought two Siamese algae eaters to combat my aquarium’s algae problem. In theory, they will suck the life of the green and brown things in my aquarium.

However, I bet my gouramis would destroy them to shreds.

That’s why I sent them to my “developmental” tank.

This is a small but habitable tank filled with nano fishies like cardinal tetras, forktail blue-eye rainbowfish, and Mekong ricefish.

A couple of hours before this blog, I had a coffee in one hand and my cell phone in the other.

After a week of living with those fishies, I saw most of my tetras either tailless or dead and most of my rainbowfish either tailless or dead!

And when I tried to scoop all of the residents of that tank, the other Siamese algae eater was gone!

Maybe he ate his brother.


So I panicked and it made things worse. After displacing my fish, I cleaned the tank. I cleaned all the algae because instead of becoming an algae eater, that “thing” went serial killer on his buddies.

Any fishkeeper would think this is a big mistake... and yes, shit did happen.

The thing about clean water and a green-less tank is that there’s a chance that most of the fish would die. In my head, I thought I had to do something for my troops other than replacing the water and I deeply regretted this.

So there are only three fish in that tank. One rainbowfish, one ricefish, and one cardinal tetra. The other rainbowfish jumped out of the net as I transported the algae eater to my main tank. It was always my intention to put that fish in that tank but I was afraid he would get eaten seeing the events that transpired on this day, it’s probably either to humble the fish or to throw him away. The rest of the fishes died in the new environment and I think those three would probably turn into two.

I still want a nano tank but I think it would be best if I just buy a large nano setup. I think I had the right intentions, but I made that damning flaw.

No, I am not going to post an image of the tragedy because I don’t want to be that kind of person. I was really happy that my three tanks were thriving and I am kind of currently bummed out.

I should buy a new set of fish but I’ll probably do this when my online store has a honey gourami.

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