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Here's a quick take on this.

60 percent of the players in this JPEG have won multiple titles. At least 40 percent of the players here are part of the NBA's Top 75 and all of them have won at least one All-NBA spot.

What's the problem with staying loyal to one team? For starters, that guy is a sure-fire get in the realm of Fantasy Basketball. Yes, my first point is selfish anticipation that I am picking either Beal or Lillard in my fantasy squad but also, the best players are going to reap the benefits if they are going to co-exist well with their organization. I get why players are adamant but at the end of the day, employees have to mesh well with the higher-ups.

I don't know if they have the pull of a LeBron James. Ever since LBJ went to South Beach, he was labeled as the bad guy and while he turned good when he returned to Cleveland and gave the team their first NBA championship, he also made a bunch of big names leave their teams to join his crusade. Again, LBJ turned heel when he left for Miami and when he left Cleveland the second time around, the fans weren't as vindictive because he redeemed himself.

People are disrespecting Russell Westbrook but his biggest flaw is playing for a big market squad. When his contract expires and judging from how the fans reacted to his OKC homecoming, I expect Westbrook to retire with all the good graces in the team he helped flourish. There was a time when Westbrook single-handedly propelled the Thunder to a winning season and ever since he left, all went downhill. It's almost the same case as Dwight Howard - but for D12, I don't know if Orlando will be as welcoming for their erstwhile hero. His departure from Orlando cost him a lot of accolades - including a mention in the NBA Top 75. Lillard never really had a postseason as that of Howard but he got in despite the latter having more championships, All-NBA First Teams, and all-star appearances.

This is what loyalty is going to get you.

So James Harden grew fat in Houston and messed up his relationship with the guys that helped him get to the NBA Finals. Kawhi Leonard had his share of controversy when he left the San Antonio Spurs. Kyrie Irving has burned bridges left and right and has dragged Kevin Durant in his mess. They also left Ben Simmons hanging - who also had his share of career mistakes.

Inasmuch as I am good with all this "player's rights" talk, the most basic of premises is when you become a star, you got to get along with management. Golden State's Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green are living embodiments of getting it good with all sides.

And while yeah, maybe at some point of their careers, Beal and Lillard can do a Mitch Richmond or unsuccessfully, a Karl Malone or a Charles Barkley in other teams. But you can't fault them for thinking of the situation that best suits them.

Get Sydrified.

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