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After phoning in on an Easter Sunday blog to just blog about it (I can't sustain my blog once work starts to act out), I stumbled on this vlog from The Infographics Show.

This is all about the story of Adam and Eve.

On the vlog What The Church Doesn't Want You To Know About Adam And Eve, they basically break down The Creation Story as some sort of children's book tell-all of how we got to be on this planet. Since cultures back then aren't as "smart" as we are now, the dudes back then had to double down on the pizzaz to get the people hooked.

And I get how this will work, as most religions back then have similar epic-like origin stories. People will follow tales with flying snakes rather than a man having an epiphany. Also, back then when information isn't as convoluted as it is at the moment, anything worth noting becomes canon.

Just like I say to every person who tries to engage in a religious debate, we can question things but we can't force another person to give up on his faith. Why would you force a person to give up on the idea of heaven when your promise is that we will all die as crappy as crap? If religion did a lot of cool things for a said person, then why would you spoil it all for him? I get that reality bites. I am not as high on religion as I was when I was a child but you can always choose to believe what you want to believe.

Some people are just massive downers.

Imagine if you are a child and there is no semblance of good and evil around you?

Now imagine almost ten billion cynical bastards roaming around the planet telling everyone that there is no one to heed their cries and we are all going to die in the worst possible way?

Religion is brought about by chaos and the people in need of faith, will either look for one or would create one.

I would rather believe in a God that makes all things possible than a speck of dust... without the proper endgame... making your existence even sadder. If you check out the entire shtick of the Bible, there are a lot of stories of adventure, redemption, enlightenment, and self-realization. The Bible is basically a crash course in turning horror into happiness.

And yeah, I promised myself to not do religious and political takes... and I am going to stop now.

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