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So Ateneo and La Salle are going to get their own set of Funko pops.

I get that their rivalry deserve Funko pops. I just wished Trese didn’t have the black-colored background reveal.

In some ways, I thought my UST Growling Tigers will have a Funko pop.

As far as distinction, one could mistake the Ateneo Blue Eagle from the Adamson Soaring Falcon mascot. And well… I studied in UST at the time when UST versus La Salle was nearing the end of their peak.

Yes, I still can’t get over Dino Aldegeur schooling the UST defense during the 1999 UAAP championship decider.

I hope UST can get a Funko pop. In some ways, I also hope the UP Fighting Maroons get theirs as well. I really believe the UP Oblation statue needs to have a Funko.

I will try to score the Ateneo and La Salle Funko pops though. I am a Funko pop collector and while I resisted the urge of getting the Jollibee Funko pops, scoring these pops is kind of like getting the best representation of how basketball-crazy the Philippines is. As mentioned, there is no greater rivalry in all of Philippine sports than that of the Blue Eagles and the Green Archers. For pride and prestige, Joseph Yeo clotheslined Enrico Villanueva more than a decade ago because they turned a charity game into a do-or-die showdown. Each and every time the other side triumphs, the other side would automatically plot for revenge. I guess the only other campus clash to score runner-up honors is that of San Beda versus Letran. Unfortunately, this NCAA rivalry is a far second because of the tourney’s weak television presence through the years (GMA is trying its best to slowly up their marketability).

I had to put this in.

Anyway, inasmuch as this is for school pride, you can’t mistake how awesome it is to have Ateneo and La Salle in the Funko College line.

And by the way, maybe Funko could just clean up the Clemson Tiger mascot and turn it into the UST mascot?

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