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I just realized the presence of Bilibili in my life is damning.

After nearly two decades of not really caring about anime things, I found myself checking out a couple of anime romcoms.

As mentioned, my favorite anime of all time is Ranma 1/2.

It's a rom-com.

It just so happens that they are also doing martial arts and the leading man turns into a girl and his dad turns into a panda. Tenchi Muyo and El Hazard also have cute, lovey-dovey shit. Slam Dunk and Samurai X too, in some ways.

And yeah, don't hate me for liking Fushigi Yuugi as well.

I discovered another anime called My Stepmom's Daughter Is My Ex days after bingeing A Couple of Cuckoos. Of course, the title sounds sleazy. Before their parents married, the girl and the guy had a secret relationship that eventually failed. With that said, they just can't break the news to their parents. The two would devise a plan just to keep mum on the matter.

However, they have unresolved feelings.

And this is where their adventures start.

Again, the title sounds sleazy and the artwork is cool. The anime is still in its baby stage as well. I like the awkwardness of the situation; in some ways, it reminds me of The Wonder Years. The girl kind of looks like Winnie Cooper and I guess if I think long and hard, this could be a demented re-imagining of that show. As mentioned, I never really followed anime since... I guess the first two seasons of Bleach? But when I get a chance, then what the hell, right?

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