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You know I’m in the shits when I’m genuinely happy to unlock a character called Colonel Ruffs.


He’s not even a general.

So I have been playing Brawl Stars at the moment. It’s like a cute version of Counterstrike and Valorant that I have been wasting away on ever since I discovered its coolness on BlueStacks. It’s hard to play this on the phone because I tend to have sweaty palms and my carpal tunnel is… swollen to the core. When my brain needs to regroup… or I just want to slack off, this is now my game.

My favorite hero is Spike. He’s a cactus that uses his thorns to hurt his foes. I thought I like Penny… but she’s really inaccurate. Rosa is a hero I also like to use but during Brawl Bowls, I like to use Primo. In dual showdowns, I like to use Poco because sometimes I have good teammates and I could just spam the heal button on them. It’s also beneficial for teammates who are really, really bad in strategy.

Anyway, I have to get back to the game.

I mean work.


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