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Let's just say that I am WWE-biased.

With that said, despite his critics, I am a Dean Ambrose fan. I get that he's going to be Jon Moxley from hereon out, but pre-germophobe Lunatic Fringe is just a cool person to root for.

I thought Moxley's AEW decision made sense. If Seth Rollins is on Raw and Roman Reigns is on Smackdown (for example), I just can't see Ambrose becoming the king of NXT. AEW needs his star power at that point and in some ways, he is too established to fall off their grid.

However, his matches have turned from entertaining to hit or miss lately. In fact, Moxley's matches have delved into the style that I really don't like - blood matches. I like hardcore matches if they made sense but for some reason, his matches are nowadays always crimson-induced.

Worse, they have become weird. I just saw the Jon Moxley versus Effy match. I haven't seen a lot of his AEW matches but his GCW matches are as equally insane. What if Moxley's AEW commitments are thrown out of the window because of his GCW shenanigans? In this match, he was applying a submission move to a person who basically got "turned on" from what he did. Mox released the submission, punched the referee, got hit in the groin by a female wrestler, and then... kissed the dude that was pleasuring himself.

This is the stuff of legends?

AEW should have a clause that for as long as the wrestler is their champion (or the interim champion), they need to limit their appearances. They need to consider their actions if they are champion-like and basically become model ambassadors.

This just doesn't make any sense to have your champion act like this. Surely, anti-WWE fans would diss Roman Reigns if he shows up in some indie promotion - even more if he wrestles in a competitive match against a virtual unknown.

With that said, I think Moxley enjoys going back to his roots and helping the talents there with his presence. Yes, they have crazy matches but I guess it's a novel idea.

But I still think he needs to take care of his image. I think he's turning into the modern-day version of Sabu. Yes, the former ECW alum is a cult favorite but he is also battered and bruised at the end of his career.

Moxley has the mic skills, unlike Sabu. But yeah, the gory, hardcore matches has to stop at some point.

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