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I asked ChatGPT to give me its criteria on how to determine the all-time best player in PBA history apart from stats and individual as well as team accolades.

And this is what he said.

  1. Impact on the game: How much did the player change the way the game was played, or bring new elements to the sport?

  2. Longevity and consistency: How long did the player perform at a high level, and how consistently did they perform over the course of their career?

  3. Clutch performance: How did the player perform in high-pressure situations, and did they have a reputation for being clutch?

  4. Style and flair: Did the player bring a unique style or flair to the court that set them apart and made them memorable?

  5. Sportsmanship and character: How did the player conduct themselves on and off the court, and what was their reputation like in the wider basketball community?

  6. Cultural significance: How did the player impact the wider cultural conversation beyond the sport, and did they become iconic figures in popular culture?

  7. Leadership and teamwork: How did the player work with their teammates, and did they exhibit strong leadership skills both on and off the court?

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