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This is not really an ideal match for livers.

In the battle of barflies, the classy and sophisticated Frasier is not going to resort to drunken stupor in the case of proving a point.

Anyway, I like Cliff and his insane philosophies but I bet I’m going to bet on Norm Peterson.

The dude has a large tank.

He can also plant his ass to a barstool like a sentry gun with focus fire.

With that said, I just re-learned Cliff Clavin’s Buffalo Beer Theory. Basically, you need to imagine your brain cells as a horde of buffalos in the wild. Because of The Circle of Life, they are bound to get eaten by predators. With that said, the buffalos are not going to die in an instant. Predators will likely attack the old and the weaker parts. As this is going on though, the horde is going to welcome a pack of new buffalos to their mix.

This is a nice theory because it gives me hope that my brain cells will not go bye-bye in an instant as long as I produce new brain cells.

I guess this is why I re-started my blog… because I need to find my place to just spurt out nonsense.

Here are other Cliff Clavin theories.

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