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When I was young, I tried to create things using Photoshop.

I had this frustration of being a cartoonist but I didn't have the patience to do things.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I unearthed a couple of my past doodles in Deviant Art. Back then, I went as The Corporate Twister - a dude who came to work with brilliance in hand and idiocy on the other. I would drop the name entirely when I wanted to steal Justified from Justin Timberlake's first solo album.

Anyway, I might as well post this on my blog.

Back then, I was into Hungry Heart and Captain Tsubasa. I think I was also enjoying the awesomeness of the South Korean football team.

I once created called Nguyen Nork Hark, a Vietnamese superhero callboy. While he calls himself a "callboy", he never actually did anything of that nature. I was about to give him some sort of love interest but I think I forgot about these doodles at that point. I was really into The Wonder Years back then and I guess the potential girlfriend is probably a cross between Winnie Cooper and Aeon Flux.

He has this superpower in which whenever he kneels, he gains superhuman strength. But that's the thing though - he has to plant his knees on the ground in order to become the bomb. This is in some ways his bane and boon - although it helps that most of his enemies are very, very dirty old men.

Boy Bonifacio is one of Nguyen Nork Hark's sidekicks. Loosely based on a professor who wore cycling short-like pants that are... two sizes smaller, he excels in water sports and... I guess dressing up as a gigolo.

And yeah, I was also into Deuce Bigalow back then.

Shiro Tanaka is the entitled sidekick of Nguyen Nork Hark. After learning the ancient craft of being emo and releasing flashy things from his hands, he joins up with Nguyen and Boy Boni in their quest to uphold truth and all that shit.

I believe I made this when I was mad... but I also thought this was the statement shirt of Nguyen Nork Hark's archenemies. His enemies are going to be as obvious as possible and the three would either get shocked or automatically fight like hell whenever they see a person wearing this in some shape or form.


Gotta admit - writing their descriptions sparked something.


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