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WWE Raw and Smackdown have turned into a guessing game on the things Triple H wants to bring back.

Right now, this is so cool.

Also, this is the perfect way to bring back a character without chancing upon it in the backstage area.

Dexter Lumis is always spooky and can be a hit or miss for people. I like him in the sense that he's a thought-out character. He can be spooky in a serial killer way or goofy like an oddball stalker.

Here, WWE had a couple of backstage scenes wherein the security team is busy. There was a car crash. The security team is scrambling. And finally, with AJ Styles winning against The Miz, a hooded figure comes out with attempts to breach the barricade.

Turns out, Dexter Lumis is back in the WWE.

The only thing I hate about this return is how there were no cameras to pick up on this. Yes, this version had it fixed on Lumis but the initial feed had the camera inside the ring checking out Lumis. I think it would have been better if the ring camera focusing on Styles found the commotion interesting and the cameras within the ring scramble to see what's going on.

Still, it's a cool sight to see Dexter Lumis back in the WWE.

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