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Here's a parallel between WWE and AEW that I hate.

What the hell are they doing with Edge and Christian?

Hall of Fame wrestlers in their own right, these two thrived when they reinvented their selves as elder statesmen out to re-ignite their star status. Edge went full heel to start a brood-like faction in Judgement Day.

Christian turned on Jungle Boy and teamed with Luchasaurus to create a fearsome unit.

And then their momentum got pulled for some insane reason.

Edge getting kicked out of Judgement Day is premature. Definitely, these "kids" needed his star power more than anything else at that moment. With Rhea Ripley sidelined, Damien Priest and Finn Balor went from re-jigged wrestlers to a hasty put-on tag team.

Meanwhile, I have been enjoying Christian Cage's savage verbal beatdowns but it went all for naught because when Jungle Boy returned, Luchasaurus turned face to leave Cage with this situation.

And it's not because I think Edge and Christian can't handle wrestling life as solo artists. I think they can help others with their new and improved gimmicks. Priest, Ripley, and Balor all lost their luster, and Edge pimping their awesomeness helped their cause. Luchasaurus could have been a Kane-like persona if he stayed as a corrupted version of himself. Because of their reunification, what are the odds of the two returning to their goofy selves?

I hated Luchasaurus' high-risk moves before I listened to a Jim Cornette podcast. His mask always gets loose so he had to tug it down and then if he flies, his opponents need to wait for him to set up and there are times that there is more waiting than there is selling.

There are also moments in which he forgets where the cameras are set up because you can see him with his face on the canvas either to break a pin or to look for his queue. A heel Luchasaurus will force the guy to do heel moves - and that's basically to keep his feet on the ground and not sell babyface moves.

Maybe this is a premature rant. Maybe WWE has better things to do with Edge? After all, he has had a series of vignettes which is either for him or for Bray Wyatt.

Or both.

That would have been cool.

I am not as happy with Christian's direction in AEW though. Either he'll look for another towering presence to combat Jungle Boy or Luchasaurus or the big man will turn again on Jungle Boy as part of Christian's game plan. With that said, the feud's payoff will probably take place in Dynamite because AEW would rather waste their big moments on regular episodes than on their PPV/PPEs.

And yeah, I know they made the reveal on Fyter Fest but I also believe they should have sold this feud better. This is my biggest gripe with the promotion. All the WWE haters out there see the product go from bad to worse with their weekly episodics but AEW is struggling to keep their big moments on their pay-per-views.

Anyway, WWE and AEW should treat these moments better. Not only are they ruining their legends, but they are also messing up with their up-and-comers.

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