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It's no secret that Draymond Green refers to himself as the protector of The Splash Brothers and most of the Golden State Warriors.

Yes, he can be insane at times, but I guess he means well.

Such is the case when he defended Klay Thompson. It all started with the tussle that involved Klay and Jaden McDaniels. With just two minutes in the match, the two were pulling jerseys and this resulted in Klay's jersey getting ripped. And of course, their teammates tried to pull them apart, but Rudy Gobert wrapped Klay near the face. I don't know if Gobert was looking for a headlock, but he wasn't going for his arms, or at least, not yet anyway.

So enter Draymond.

With a Randy Orton-style sleeper hold, he blacked out the Frenchman after a minute.

While I don't condone violence, I guess this is what Draymond means when he wants to protect his friends.

He overdoes things, though.

Also, I guess he still remembers what Gobert did at the start of the pandemic.

I dunno. :)

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