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I was contacted by a dude from Feedspot (I don't know if I can say his name) because Project Sydrified got selected as a top Philippine sports blog.

I have a low Facebook follower count but I guess I gain traction on Twitter.

I don't like to pimp about this because it doesn't generate money for me.

But hey, Project Sydrified is ranked 27, a rank below a golf blog and a rank above the Philippine Sports Commission website. I love having this expensive Wix site because I can just do whatever I want here and can be a valuable solution for everyday stress.

Blogging took a backseat for me this 2023. I have been dabbling in fish these past few weeks and prior to that, work has got the better of me. I bought a couple of Funko pops this month but mind you, this is the first time I bought a pop this year.

In my earlier years of blogging, I stayed away from blogger interaction. Nowadays though, I guess I'm interested in meeting other people. The last time I went to a meet-and-greet was when I joined the NBA Philippines fantasy league. It was also around that time when I hid from the proverbial blogging spotlight because I was under the impression that I can't blog about basketball because I'm blogging about the competition.

I can't say that the network wars are dead, but it's not as bad anymore. And the "wars" are pretty much in the output but behind the scenes, everyone is cool.

Anyway, you can check out the list HERE.

Thanks, Feedspot for the rank and hopefully I can outrank the other sites on this list. :)

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