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I am not a basketball player so weighing here is like taking a political science class from a dude that cares less about actual politics.

But I agree with Shaquille O'Neal here.

The no landing spot may be a dumb rule at times but if a defending player lands on an opposing player's landing spot, that means he was putting the player's career in danger. Sometimes this is a bit overboard but since it is written and players, coaches, and organizations agreed to this, then this is a rule that must be followed.

Draymond Green had malicious intent when he stomped on Domantas Sabonis' chest. He directed his move to the referees and it didn't help that he was also cussing on the fans.

Joel Embiid is blatantly aiming on Nic Claxton's balls.

Yes, it failed to hit the mark and there wasn't really that much of a commotion but there was still an intention to hurt. They need a hurt with regards to this because while one can say that it's just a case of playoff high, Grayson Allen and Dillon Brooks have also been doing this in the regular season.

League officials need to be consistent and need to be transparent as well. The thing about Draymond Green's case is that they also looked at the player's history. If that's the case, then they need to get rid of the 16th technical foul rule because citing notoriety history of a player in this circumstance is a bit too much.

Maybe instead of the mini-tournament, the NBA needs to check in on this matter. I mean, if they are going to make more games exciting and with stakes, these situations will happen again and again and again.

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