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Barangay Ginebra's fate in the PBA Governors' Cup Finals hangs in the balance as they face off against TNT in Game Six. Despite suffering from a severe case of food poisoning, Justin Brownlee is expected to take to the court, even if he is not fully recovered.

As a consummate professional, Brownlee is one of the greatest imports the PBA has ever seen. However, there is a lot at stake, and he needs to be careful with everything he does. It's often the small things that can derail us.

I remember defending a thesis or an ad campaign back in college and instead of resting, my classmates were cramming and re-checking our papers. Yes, our paper is exactly what a typical college project is going to be but there were questions in which our minds went blank. And we were stressed out that we had to slap our cheeks just to make ourselves lively.

Perhaps Brownlee ate something from an unknown source, such as a restaurant he had never been to or a meal he had never tried before. It's a risk that we all face when we step out of our comfort zones. I get this, having suffered from an allergic reaction to shrimp or oysters from an unknown source in the past. Once upon a time, I was at this village party wherein I ate pancit with seafoods. Turns out, the shrimp and squid weren't cooked properly and I spent the wee hours of a weekday inside an emergency room.

They also highlight the dangers of eating too much oysters, which can lead to an extreme case of diarrhea. I could eat one or two at buffet restos but you can't make me eat more because I fear its effects in the following morning.

Given his current condition, it's vital that Brownlee is cautious in his actions, especially with a championship on the line. Hopefully, Brownlee will make a speedy recovery and lead his team to victory. After all, he has proven time and time again that he is a true professional, and his contributions to the game have been nothing short of exceptional. I am an Alaska fan during the 90s and inasmuch as he's about to break Sean Chambers' championship record, JB is still part of Tim Cone's holy trinity of top tier imports (with Marqus Blakely as the other).

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