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Admittedly, I just chanced on The Struts when I was looking for something to buy in Lazada.

And yeah, I now own a Luke Spiller Funko Pop.

At the moment, I am torn between Body Talks and In Love with a Camera.

Body Talks reminds me of Kids - that song in which Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue teamed up.

Meanwhile, In Love With A Camera is a jam.

The thing is, my foreign music jams stopped during the early 2010s so discovering this British act is awesome. The band reminds me a lot of The Darkness, Jet, Blur, and Stereophonics. I haven't heard the rest of their repertoire but right off the bat, Primadonna Like Me, Am I Talking to the Champagne, I Do It So Well, and their pandemic cover of Spice Girls' Stop are doing wonders on my listening pleasures.

Also... that thing in which they rocked with Paris Jackson.

It's the First time I heard Michael Jackson's daughter sing and it was awesome.

I think this is the second time my collection swayed me to listen to music. I was once a heavy critic of My Chemical Romance but now I believe Welcome to the Black Parade is the 2000s version of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.

I mean... how many genres were placed inside those songs?

Anyway, I want to listen to more Struts.

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