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Why did I buy a Rob Van Dam pop?

Well, for starters, it's like a whole, new wrestling world opened up when he joined the WWE as part of The Alliance. RVD is a heel but somehow, a dude with his muscles and his moveset is a refreshing sight. Again, I never watched ECW during its original run but I know he is one of their most popular personalities. With that said, I also know him as a heel who bragged the hell that he's going to be featured on WWE.

Except for his championship run in the second ECW One Night Stand, RVD is awesome as a babyface.

His battle with Jeff Hardy back then is just insane and whenever he hits his Five-Star Frog Splash or his Running Thunder, he just screams awesomeness.

And yeah, I am also going to buy a Matt Riddle pop because... they should have been a tag team at one point in their careers.

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