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Updated: Jun 20, 2022

I just saw the second episode of Game of Blood and I must say…

I thought better of Choe Yeun-seung.

*** SPOILERS ***

I knew he was a naïve, loveable character that tried to act like a boss in the fourth season of The Genius and that sent him to elimination… but he should have known better.

In a game of nine people, you should always keep secrets for yourself. You don’t need to conceal all the important parts but you have to know something that would make you feel important or irreplaceable.

And Jimin, inasmuch as her move was a cross between arrogance and bravery, had to eliminate Yeun-seung because she is just capitalizing on his mistakes.

He became a know-it-all, he assumed his authority early in the game, he concentrated his moves on certain players even if he knows that this is a game of betrayal, and he pretty much trusted the wrong set of players.

Even Jang Dong-min messed things up in Society Game 2 but for some reason, he managed to win. Lee Sang-min trusted Kim Kyung-hoon in The Genius S4 and he pretty much ruined his gameplay.

Yeun-seung dug his grave when he trusted the wrong person.

But here’s the thing – I have yet to see the outcome but it’s hard for the rest of the players to trust Jimin. If they were throwing Yeun-seung to elimination, they were throwing Jimin to the bus. Jimin just needs to assume that her female allegiance is that strong. In some ways, I also thought it made DEX a bigger threat than he was before. Yeun-seung knows this when he was trying to vote out DEX but Jimin feels otherwise.

You can easily vote out a person with a tainted reputation than vote out a player with a clean slate.

Also, Yeun-seung picked the worst teammates.

Lee Tae-kyun should have revealed the Hidden Menu after the elimination vote.

Also, they have been anxious about Jimin and they just gave the information outright to her. The mere fact that she disappeared after the reveal should have given the men of that alliance the red flag. Lee Sang-min is right but Dong-min said it best that she’s going to be a target. In the following episode, I’ll be shocked if Jimin or DEX would be in a precarious position. Seo-hyun is another strong player who’s working as a sidekick but I see her working like how Amber played Survivor: All-Stars.

In some ways, Yeun-seung moving to the basement is a good move, show-wise. From serious and calculated, he also gives out a comedian vibe especially with Na-yeong with him. Yeun-seung is best when he acts all nerdy and vulnerable which is why he messed up his leader shtick in the Bloody Mansion. The whole basement tunnel thing isn’t my cup of tea… but only because I’m afraid of that kind of space. I think four players living in that kind of condition is insane so they need to phase out a few of the inhabitants. So after taking a break from all the betrayals, how are the basement dwellers going to face off against their virtual cellmates?

I’ll just check out the next episode.

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