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Remember when Humpy Dumpy was insanely smelly?

Opening the pack is direr than opening a durian. Inasmuch as I love durian, it's really pungent at times. With that said, durian came from nature.

Humpy Dumpy's yellow junk food did NOT come from nature.

The Stateline snack was trendy during the 90s and you can even say that a sari-sari store can't operate well without the yellow and the purple version.

I know they have flavors but I choose not to Google them.

Barbecue and Cheese? I doubt if that's THAT generic. I can see in the picture I posted that its margarine. Looking back, this explains the stench of decay I smell whenever I open it. Again, it's like durian in the sense that you just need to expand your horizon and love the taste and forego the scent.

There was even a catchy animated commercial back then with an ear of singing corn delighting an adoring core of... other ears of corn.

It's no Nano Nano or Ding Dong but it's within that realm.

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