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Updated: Jun 20, 2022

So I got to see Hur Jae in a Korean Variety program.

The show is called The Godfather and he plays the role of a son to 88-year-old respected Korean actor Lee Soon Jae. Born in 1934, Lee is currently the oldest active actor in Korea at the moment. I thought Hur Jae – or Heo Jae as he is called here – would be the father figure for some K-pop member. His sons are actually Korean basketball players at the moment with Heo Hoon being the 2020 KBL MVP and Heo Ung being part of the squad that scored a bronze medal in the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games.






17.1PPG | 3.4RPG | 1.4APG | 3.3SPG | 48% FG | 67% FT | 39% 3PT



8.8PPG | 1.0RPG | 5.2APG | 1.2SPG | 29% FG | 80% FT | 24% 3PT

Born in 1965, Hur Jae is basically the Allan Caidic or the Hu Weidong of Korea back in the 1990s. He is a two-time Olympian and like the Philippines, Hur failed to score a gold medal because of the Chinese ballers. The only reason why the show caught my interest is because of the legendary exploits of this Korean baller. As mentioned earlier, he is the Korean version of Allan Caidic. There was a time when Korea had to have Hur Jae in their lineup to withstand The Triggerman’s sharpshooting goodness. Korea would have been an easier match if it wasn’t for this guy.

I may watch The Godfather. The show also has Moon Seyoon of Two Days One Night fame but I don’t really follow the other guys on the program. What I do have is a concern for the show members – seeing that they are filming the show in spite of the pandemic. I don’t know how grave the pandemic is in Korea but they should consider that these veterans are senior citizens.

I mean… even Hur Jae is about to turn 60 in a couple of years.

Anyway, here’s a Youtube video from Allan Caidic’s Youtube channel. It pits the Philippines against Korea with Caidic and Hur Jae at the forefront.

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