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It's been three years since I bought a new pair of shoes.

I guess for over a decade, I have been wearing the same getup - statement shirts and baggy pants. I am not going to change overnight but at the moment, I have slowly upgraded my wardrobe with short sleeves and a couple of slacks.

I need to shed a few pounds though.

It helps that I have been drinking coffee and tea which, I believe, are awesome ways to dispose of internal things.

Anyway, I told my dad I "had" to buy shoes because I'm an impulse shopper.

I have been thinking about this for some time now though. My plan is to buy a casual and then get a kick for doing strenuous activities like moving and... drinking with buddies.

I picked Skechers as my poison because I like the brand. It's nice on the feet and as a flat-footed guy with little to no athleticism in the body, I dig this.

At least this is a different buy from my usual. I guess people would rather see me buying things that I can use rather than financial damage due to... hahaha... passive income.

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