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I just finished the ninth season of Letterkenny and I hate the season-ender.

I don’t hate it because it sucks though.

I just hate the fact that the end is like a bizarre season start.

Letterkenny has been one of the better sitcoms I watched during the pandemic. It’s a Canadian comedy about small-town Joes and their problems. Wayne is the town’s tough guy and his sister is the town’s hottie. Alongside Wayne and Katy are their loyal buddies – Daryl and Squirrelly Dan.

Anyway, I don’t want to spoil the events that transpired in season nine. The season eight final episode had an Avengers vibe though. The characters grew in eight seasons and the diner scene at the start of season nine is kind of like the shawarma scene of the beloved superhero franchise.

Wayne has gained the respect of his community and has since reciprocated said respect to the other Letterkenny residents. Squirrelly Dan has found love in Dr. Tricia and Lovyna Dyck, Jonesy and Reilly are now hockey stars while Stewart and Roald are turning into “better” people. Stewart has evolved into some sort of vigilante against the city date drug pushers and for some reason, it made him hot. Gail found a neat arm candy in Dickens. The McMurrays are doing their thing. And even Tanis has turned a new leaf.

Rosie has also returned to reclaim her rightful spot as Wayne’s girlfriend.

Anyway, after binge-watching the first nine seasons in a span of three weeks, I just want something awesome to come out from this. I don’t know if they are pegging the outsiders as evil invaders but from the looks of it, season nine turned messy because of these outside variables.

So I am looking forward to Letterkenny’s tenth season.

Pitter patter.

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