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This is something I want to watch.

I grew up in an era filled with Jim Henson Muppets and Puppets and Ernie and Bert and Herry Monster and Count and Prairie Dawn and Super Grover and all of that.

So this works.

In some ways, I kind of wish they did this with Batibot. I think it sucks that kids these days don’t appreciate the awesomeness of the show. Kids nowadays are stuck in their tablets, repeating the same “educational” song over and over again, that they forget the concept of waiting, learning to do other things, and not acting like spoiled brats because internet kid videos are different from Pinoy videos.

Maybe I should do a series on how I would have re-launched Batibot?

That’s going to be another video, though.

The thing about Sesame Street is that it positioned itself as some sort of utopia – where the scariest of monsters can mingle in harmony with people of all walks. This is a world in which knowledge is shared and questions have answers.

In the trailer, it sucks that there are outside forces that are messing up with the scenario they made. Looking back, I never really noticed the ratio of Afro-American characters with the Caucasian actors. Also, I never thought the dynamic between Bert and Ernie could be seen as an interracial, non-platonic relationship. In 2018, these characters were finally outed – something that would have caused a lot of shit if they did this a couple of years back. In 2021, they even created a family that had two dads – and in some ways, the utopia is getting more love from all walks as the present time progress.

Anyway, I just realized that the documentary is already out and HBO is just premiering it on their stream.

So I’ll probably try to look for this later.

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