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Relatives have this weird way of inviting their brothers, sisters, and other relatives to visit them. In my aunt’s case, we had a reunion to celebrate her life. I often wondered how a person would allow herself to “kandong” a 220-pound thirty-something (220 pounds back then) and the only reason I can think of is love.

And most definitely, the feeling is mutual because no grown man would subject himself to this scenario unless he thinks that said person is one of his favorite aunts. And while yeah, even if your son is like my sister (very ugly), you lived a wonderful life.

Wazap, Mama Nen. :)

So yeah, I went on an impromptu road trip to Bicol with my dad, his sisters, and my cousins. It was either that or spending a ridiculous amount of cash to ride an airplane. In my view, while sitting for approximately 14 hours really sucked, it’s a better alternative for roughly 15 people (there were three cars). In our car alone, we had an average of six people and a combined age of 350 years.

I tried to document most of the activities but to summarize, we went there to celebrate the life of my aunt, to visit Bicol nightlife, and to picture the heck out of Mayon Volcano. I think I had about ten photos with Mayon Volcano in the backdraft. It's awesome to have the Mayon Volcano visible when I visit my father's side because I have the Taal Volcano in the backdraft when I visit my mother's side. While I am more at home going to Tagaytay than in Albay, I can't help but be in awe looking at the cone of the Mayon.

It always makes me wonder if only the cone was still perfect. I have seen the perfect cone when I was young but the tip has since been damaged. Still, it's awesome waking up in the morning with the volcano in the background.

It's also a chance to see the Port of Pilar. My father traces his roots to Pilar, Sorsogon and while it has since changed since I last saw it, the Port is still one of my must-see destinations.

Of course, we went to Cagsawa Ruins and Embarcadero de Legazpi. I burned my tongue eating sili ice cream and I was duped to buy panghilod which is allegedly made from lahar rocks.

And yeah, about this image...

... this happened when we were about to leave Bicol. Everyone was angsty because we had to wake up early for the long trip back. Then, this car with this cool plate number just got in front of us. There are some parts of religion that I don't want but I am a strong believer of the afterlife. I like to think that she's looking down on us and telling everyone to calm down and chill.

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