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I have this thing wherein I don't really share the important things in my life.

I call this "reverse humblebrag".

The thought of sharing something significant with little or no reaction is cringy for me. Also, I had this thing in the 2000s wherein I blog about my friends. I received backlash at times and it got to me. I guess my biggest case here is that whenever my friends egosurf, they find their names linked to my blog.

When my blog is referenced for character profiling and other types of work-related shit, I just don't like it.

So this brings me to GM Michikot - my red metallic dog. This is my first expensive get since the condo units and I am actually using it. I wash it frequently and like any middle-aged man, I scorn the heavens at the sight of bird poop, dog urine, and cats jumping on my hood.

The car represents my confidence. Once upon a time, it was shut when my friends called me "Mr. Confidence" because I couldn't score a triple in that 2000s game Freestyle. My character isn't undergoing a hard reset, but at the moment, I am trusting myself again. Also, I like what Vilma Santos said in her Fast Talk interview in which she said she rather get respected than loved. I like that idea because that's always what I am after.

Also, I am now 40 percent Vilmanian, with the other 60 on Sharon Cuneta.

Off-topic, someone needs to continue Tado's project in which his friends are going to launch a Sharon Cuneta tribute album. During one of their gigs, I heard Cover Me Quick cover Bituing Walang Ningning and it was awesome.


And yeah, I told my friends about my car more or less two months after I first got it.

I guess COVID made me care less about current events... at least on my behalf. Except when I'm looking for Funko pops and putting my blog articles on social media, I hate opening Facebook. My "reverse humblebrag" is a double-edged sword though - and it's because my friends and family are hearing my stories in a time when I have already adopted.

Anyway, we met up for drinks after.

And then we went to drink coffee after.

In Tagaytay.


Imagine three 40-somethings going to Tagaytay, looking for an open Starbucks, at around 2:30 in the morning.

Luckily, I took pictures.

With that said, what scenes can I possibly document at 2:30 in the morning?!?

Needless to say, I spent most of the time reflecting on the traffic violations I made, the expletives I shouted, the rationale of going to Tagaytay to drink coffee when most of the places are closed, and the fact that I spent 4,200 pesos on gas in a span of two weeks.

With that said, I learned that the Mcdonald's in Tagaytay has a huge parking lot, the RFID in South Superhighway is different from that of Cavitex, and you can load your RFID using your GCash.

My friends have this thing wherein we go to places without a concrete plan and ended up in dumbass situations.

And I enjoyed this.

It's almost like it's an Adam Sandler movie with Chris Rock, Kevin James, David Spade, and Rob Schneider.

Get Sydrified.

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