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Boogie Nights is an awesome movie because it had the name "Dirk Diggler" in it.

With that said, it's neat that this piece of clothing is giving Charles Barkley the cringe spell.

I don't get why though.

Tricycle drivers offer the same vibe as that of Tobias Harris' clothing. Probably the lunch box is more for necessity though... and the jacket is worn in a different way.

Also, I might have worn that in one WFH incident when my aircon was new and I gave a damn about my computer's health. I mean... my computer is still awesome at the moment but gone are the days of it having CS: GO, Starcraft II, and DOTA 2 as it is now relegated to Adobe CS6, Wondershare Filmora, and Lucid Pro.

Also, Charles Barkley once wore this... and his Tobias Harris comments might send their producers on a wild, goose chase for that clothing.

Tyler Herro has nothing on "Carlos".

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