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Ja Morant needs to find new friends.

It's either a dude that would slap the sense from the other dude in filming Ja Morant's gun show or a person that would slap the sense off Ja before he does something crazy.

As it stands, he might as well get married to a Kardashian.

While I am joking about the Kardashian bit and how its curse has affected a lot of NBA players, having a voice of reason is beneficial for a person in a race to reach his monetary goal in a short time. When Kenny Smith brought up the morality clause, he gave away all the social media restrictions a work-from-home employee is on at the moment. If you're in a broadcasting company, you can't post pictures to your account especially if it has no consent. Also, you can't say anything detrimental that could affect the company you work for. Ever since the pandemic era, or even before the 2016 Philippine Presidential Elections, I have stayed away from these kinds of conversations because you say things at the height of the moment.

When you brandish a gun on social media, and even if you're not a rapper or a political guy, it will STAY on social media where it can bite you in the ass when you need to clear your name, you need to say something important, or when you have a career retrospective.

When Shaquille O'Neal spent one million dollars in his rookie preseason, he found a voice of reason and that person's thoughts stuck with the Hall of Famer even after his retirement. Shaq, Kenny, and Charles Barkley made valid points with Barkley also pointing at how some media people are saying that Morant isn't at fault because he is just posing in front of the camera.

This image is like Dennis Rodman's wedding gown pictorial. How can you take a player seriously on issues like anti-violence and anti-discrimination for that matter if they can just flaunt this picture to negate all your valid points?

Someone should have held back Ja Morant from posing in that viral image because if he had that person in his ear then he would have been conscious of doing the other things.

Each and every one of us has become a victim of peer pressure but your real friends would stop with the douchebaggery to protect you.

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