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I don't want Ja Morant dunking.

I just don't.

He has this tendency to... become some sort of imba character.

It's not that I hate him. On the contrary, he is my top NBA card investment. Oh, how awesome it would be in a few years from now, we see the Memphis Grizzlies finally winning the NBA Finals.

But the dude is flying dangerously.

I am afraid.

Some of my favorites only had five years or so of awesomeness before they paid dearly due to injuries. I thought Penny Hardaway should have been a Top 75 player if only he had three or more good years than his actual run and the same can be said with Grant Hill.

And how it is such a cringe that Derrick Rose is also out of the collective despite his MVP accomplishments.

Anyway, here is Ja Morant doing a boss move on Jakob Poeltl.

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