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Old videos from my ABC-5 days.

Kind of pissed off that I lost my portfolio.

Anyway, when it comes to classic feuds, we always talk about the Manila Clasico or that thing wherein half of the Philippine population were rooting against the Crispa Redmanizers and the other half wants the Toyota Super Corollas to drown in the bottom of the standings.

Nowadays, Ginebra versus Meralco is a meaty feud and it’s just a fraction of the SMC versus MVP saga.

But when I was working for the company nearly two decades ago, the Purefoods versus Red Bull rivalry is the most awesome thing in the PBA. I think they faced off in the finals for one season… and it rocked.

The thought process I had when I was writing the plug? The TJ Giants are the hardcourt heroes while the Barakos are the Paquito Diaz-like goons. This checks in because you have James Yap – Bench model and then-Kris Aquino bet and then you have Junthy Valenzuela… the tough-as-nails Hitman whom haters see as the basketball equivalent of Diego Llorico. Marc Pingris is the pogi Fil-Am while Mick Pennisi is probably the dude that looks like a henchman of a cartel leader.

It also helps that Ryan Gregorio looks like a little boy and Yeng Guiao is known to many as the dude with the flowery language.

And then there’s Enrico Villanueva and Kerby Raymundo.

To be fair, Kerby has a point. Kerby just got the nod to be their apparent to Alvin Patrimonio at the power forward spot and after a tumultuous PBA start as part of Red Bull (falsified documents), Raymundo wants to become the best player in the league. The problem is, The Raging Bull also has the same thoughts.

Like Raymundo, Villanueva also struggled at the start of his career but thanks (or no thanks) to Davonn Harp’s citizenship issues (dude was robbed of an opportunity to become an all-time best player), Enrico stepped up and he stepped up big time. It sucks that Nelson Asaytono should have played for Red Bull when his game was at an all-time high but Villanueva did enough to become the face of the Red Bull franchise. They fought neck-to-neck for the Best Player of the Conference award and when Villanueva won, you can see Raymundo’s face visibly pissed when the camera focused on him.

So then, the statement game happened.

And then spew the iconic “Ako ang MVP” speech.

It’s funny how Villanueva and Raymundo would eventually team up in Purefoods when Red Bull typed GG on their championship aspirations and threw away their core for a lot of discards.

But what’s even funnier is that while the focus for the MVP plum was centered on these two, it was James Yap who bagged the award. I guess people thought his affiliation with Kris Aquino played a part… but Yap also did enough to warrant the prize.

Injuries and his failed team up with Tim Cone led to his departure. Raymundo went to Ginebra while Cone quickly zeroed-in on Joe Devance. Raymundo missed out on a grand slam and would retire a couple of seasons later. Still, you can’t say that Raymundo is a so-so player because running down his accomplishments would make you think not.

Also, this meme-able scream is just awesome.

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