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Kim Jong Min is my favorite Korean Variety star.

He is also an adorable goofball.

Also, how can you mess up Fire?

Anyway, the story behind this is that Yoo Jae Suk is trying to revive One Top, his K-pop group in How Do You Play (or Hangout with Yoo.) Haha asked Jae Suk to try out his friend, and that friend turned out to be Kim Jong Min. As soon as Yoo Jae Suk saw the adorable goofball, he wanted none of Jong Min (KJM was once part of the show, alongside Defconn.)

Haha wanted Jae Suk to give Jong Min a chance. While Jong Min is part of Koyote, he is not the group's main vocalist. Haha and Jong Min had a bond during the mid-2000s in which after their military service, they returned to their respective variety programs but were rendered unfunny. I don't know the story of Haha but as a Two Days One Night nut, Jong Min struggled to get his act going. The thing about his two-year departure is that MC Mong has already taken his spot. Moreover, Mong played his role well. 1N2D was at the height of its popularity when he and Lee Seung Gi came on board and Jong Min as the returning seventh member felt like the unimportant moving background.

I felt for Jong Min when he walked in the darkness and vowed that he would try his best to regain his funny side. In some ways, Season 2 helped him get his character back and his transformation from Kang Ho Dong henchman to 1N2D's main character at the start of Season 3 also helped him to what he is now.

Kim Jong Min is my spirit animal and he still can't save himself from ruining the BTS songs.

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