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I just saw this video where The Anime Man and CDawgVA messed with their lives by eating a hella spicy ramen.

I kind of reminded of that spicy noodle I consumed a couple of weeks back.

The thing about Chef Brother's Ghost Pepper Devil Spicy noodles is that... I don't think it tasted good. It's just spicy - but I don't know if there's any flavor other than "pain" and "punishment".

I like the Nongshim noodles because even if it is spicy, you can taste the flavor. Ditto with the Mi Sadaap Noodles.

I consumed the entire sauce packet on my first try and I ended up shitting in SM North EDSA thrice. My lips were burning, my stomach is hurting, no amount of alcohol could normalize my thoughts, and for the first time ever, I gulped an entire doy pack of Cowhead just to cure myself of this torture.

I consumed 50 percent of the sauce packet and while I could finish the pack, I can't feel the flavor.

I guess if and when I go abroad, the first thing I am going to do is to search for a spicy meal resto. Hopefully, the food I am going to feast on is yummy... and not just for the sake of making people cry.

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