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Video courtesy: One Sports

So Hidilyn fought in the 31st edition of the Southeast Asian Games and she was smiling on her second and third attempts.

While yeah, she gave up on the second and fell on the third, Hidilyn already set up an insurmountable lead.

The Olympic gold medalist just padded her legacy with another weightlifting medal.

But while the thing about Manny Pacquiao is the multitude of boxers trying to emulate our legendary contribution to the boxing world, where are the girls that could replicate the feats of Hidilyn?

I think I have rambled a lot about this in my current as well as past blogs but there needs to be a TV show designed to get the next Hidilyn Diaz.

What about the next EJ Obiena?

Or hell... Efren Reyes or Rubilen Amit for that matter?

The thing about the sports of Diaz, Obiena, Carlos Yulo, and even Amit, Nesthy Petecio, and Bong Coo for that matter is that these athletes came out of nowhere to ball out.

The way the weightlifting stage was presented to the audience is similar to the Olympic version as well as the Asian Games version. This means all it needs is a stage that could handle the clean and jerks as well as the other weightlifting equipment and we could have the first season of... I guess Pinoy Weightlifting Fairy or Super Pole Vaulter (it reads wrong) or Super Gymnastics Boy... or girl.


Do you get my drift?

If we could house a crazy amount of singing and acting showdowns, then a major network could have athletes just pouring their guts out with the possibility of winning recognition for the country. Pacquiao is an example of when he became a "mainstay" in VTV's Blow by Blow during the 90s. It was on this program that Pacquiao lost his first match and lost his championship to Medgoen Singsurat.

All it took is one awesome match on the grandest of stage and then I remember those Blow by Blow episodes played in most of his historical pieces as his humble beginnings... which is basically what these discovery shows are all about.

And let's not forget that Hidilyn has her own blast from the past moment when her young, gold-haired version was training and at the same time lifting a bunch of water containers in one Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho segment.

Reality shows are good when they get something positive.

Congratulations to Hidilyn Diaz but again, maybe it's time for the country to spawn her set of young versions.

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