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Yes, I have turned insane.

Nowadays, I have been checking out alternative pop music.

Also, K-Pop.

For some reason, I find the songs cool now. Moreover, it's not just because of their skimpy outfits. Back then, I would say that I was a fan of most Super Junior members... but only because of their Korean variety show resumes. The same can be said with Girls Generation - because I have seen most of their members in variety shows as well as in Korean dramas. Kwon Yuri, in particular, was in Innocent Defendant as well as the Disney Plus variety show The Zone.

I don't know any Girls Generation song titles. I might know the tune, but nothing comes out of my head, other than I enjoyed Sochi Tamtam because of Yuri, Taeyeon, and Tiffany.


I have been listening to a lot of Jung Kook songs. For starters, my son knows Left and Right, Seven, and the other BTS songs.

He also knows Cupid by the K-Pop girl group FIFTY FIFTY.

It's unfortunate that Korean pop groups are regarded so low, despite their talents.

Anyway, Cupid is a cute and catchy song, as if it was made to become a cutesy anime soundtrack.

I don't like the produced version.

It's too whimsical for me.

I do like the studio version.

It's like four IUs in harmony.

However, when various macho rockers and acoustic chicks cover the song and turn it from bubblegum to pop or rock, then it becomes ear candy for me.

This is one of my favorite versions.

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