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On one end, Juan Karlos (or JK Labajo for that matter) tends to overact his singing.

I get why he's at times polarizing to some.

With that said, I love people bringing up their emotions when they sing. I remember when action stars and sexy starlets went to noontime shows and attempted to sing jukebox and videoke favorites. The men sing and sway like robots while the women jiggle and gyrate to songs about loss and grief.

Ever wonder what would happen if Ronald Gan Ledesma and Rita Magdalena would sing a Stephen Bishop song in Chibugan Na?

Well, my thoughts exactly.

I guess this is why most '90s action stars failed to transition during the Primetime Teleserye era of Philippine entertainment.

Again, it's awesome to find people being vulnerable with their singing, and a good example of this is JK Labajo. Buwan is going to go down as one of the best rock songs ever. With that said, he has since made a lot of songs after that massive hit. I may not know a lot of them, but you can hear his distinct growl and witness his inner struggle whenever he belts his jams.

Since there is a lyric video, I like Limang Taon's Official Live Performance because we can see him do his thing. For a guy who would rather blog about things than vlog and get in front of a camera, you can't help but be amazed by this.

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