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I like K-Pop lately.

This is initially more of a need than a want. I am a copywriter and for me to stay current, then I need to check out the latest trends.

The thing about K-pop is that they create awesome music videos. In some ways, I don't care much about the singing and the dancing. With that said, their cinematography and post-production are awesome, and how they arrange their songs is hands down elite.

I am a fan of ZICO, but only when I see him on Running Man and that short-lived show he had with Yang Se Chan (the name escapes me.) Speaking of Se Chan, I just finished the first season of Apartment 404. The show reminded me of the old Running Man episodes. Of course, the show has also a direct link with Village Survival, with Chul Min PD and Yoo Jae Suk pretty much acting as the show's one-two punch.

Anyway, the song is catchy and I do like the bratty intro and the fact that it's arrangement isn't linear.

I wish they'd have a full English version of the song.

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