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In 24 hours, Mandy Rose lost her championship belt and her job.


I know Mandy Rose has the fire and the desire to be this generation's version of Trish Stratus. She has improved leaps and bounds and carried the NXT Women's division.

I also felt that she could have worked better if this was the Divas era.

Anyway, I get why she needed to go - and hopefully, this is just a temporary thing as Triple H has re-hired most of his peeps over the course of months.

Vince McMahon is still in the hot seat and if he's still in charge at this point, his only issue would have been that WWE is not getting anything from her raunchy photos. The new regime might have kinks (as Triple H is more concerned with getting everyone screen time than having a more pronounced main event scene) but they have been consistent in trying to defuse negative PR situations. Scarlett has a provocative aura, but I don't know how raunchy her photos are on her OnlyFans account. Nikkita Lyons has this odd ring gear that no woman should wear (too confusing, in my opinion) but she has since updated her attire. And even established bets like Charlotte Flair, Asuka, and Sasha Banks have had their share of near-wardrobe malfunctions.

With that said, these are ring attires under WWE's approval. If there is a clause in your contract which reads, yes, you are an independent performer but under our management, you shouldn't do non-PG things that we don't approve, then a person must follow that.

And I guess this is the biggest issue here. Stephanie McMahon and the rest of the WWE have tried their best to distance themselves from having their women become sex objects. I know this is difficult for most women that don't mind the showing of the skin or they may be comfortable with the ring gear that they are wearing but allegedly, her pics are that bad.

Now, let's dial back to a year ago when Sonya Deville had to lie low from WWE because she had to endure a serious case of stalking. WWE female wrestlers are susceptible to these attacks and this factoid needs to be considered.

I haven't seen the photos but she's probably going to survive this. Zelina Vega almost has the same setup back in the day and while her problem is due to continued posting on her account, by the end of the day, these girls can't help but upload their photos because it generates financial gain.

Moreover, I believe she's going to return at some point. She just picked the wrong time to do what she does with the lawsuits, and the vision, and the world we live in.


Okay. I have seen a couple of her photos (for research, accidentally) and I must say that I knew undergarments are supposed to move like that.

I mean... I have seen those kinds of images and clips... but I never knew I public figure has to do that. And I guess this is the problem. Leaked sex tapes can be uploaded "accidentally" or uploaded as a form of exploitation. Playboy photo shoots are done with supervision and unlike other men's mags, the empowered woman still carries some sort of dignity.

She had one clip in which I thought a publicly-traded company with sexual harassment issues can do without.

Again, if the issue dies out, I can see her returning to the company.

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