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... buzzer-beater...

... triple.

Yep, you read it right.

Well, not precisely a fadeaway but more of a high-arching "bomba" shot. Nonetheless, it feels as if another angle shift would just look like Manny Pacquiao could slip and fall.

So I got this from Basketball Genes and I think I'm convinced that Manny Pacquiao needs to return to the PBA, but only as an All-Star sideshow participant. It's like how the league treated Reuben Dela Rosa in his entire PBA run (totally unfair in my opinion because I was a Stag fan during his PBL days). Pac-Man knows how to put people at the edge of their seats. While his PBA career is highly questionable (you can make a highlight reel of his entire career in under two minutes), his all-star appearances and exhibition matches are top-notch.

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