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I rarely check out my Facebook feed.

Then, I saw this guy.

He had this idea of doing a Michael Jordan charcoal painting and then he had the balls to send it to the GOAT.

Christian Oliver Talampas is awesome.

“I can accept failure but I can’t accept not trying.”

What a powerful quote.

Also, I know he wants to keep the painting. After all, if you're a card collector, that's a 1 of 1. Even the worst card to pull gets an automatic price jump if it's a 1 of 1. But not only did he make the painting from scratch, but he also succeeded in having it signed.

The story behind his journey is a film adaptation in itself. If back in the day, true-to-life get a ton of moolah... what more with this kind of feel-good story?

Just imagine a story of a man with humble beginnings. A tricycle artist by profession and a struggling artist during his spare time. In the middle of this is his love for basketball - especially for his idol, Michael Jordan.

Not only is this a 1 of 1... but it is also a custom-made, autographed 1 of 1.

He said in the interview that he wanted Jordan to have the original but Jordan also knows the value of the painting. Keeping the painting is a bonus for one of the most boss moments any Jordan fan or collector could ever have.

And yeah, I rarely go to the comments section and I have seen the messages on its pricing. All I know is that Bigboy Cheng had a Ja Morant rookie card and he sold it for 4 million. Anything is possible in this day and age with all the NFTs and how the market is littered with sports memorabilia.

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