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So turns out, that if you have CSGO, then you would have CS2.

Unfortunately, I had to remove my CSGO because there was a time when my laptop was about to run out of memory.

Oh well.

It has been almost a year since I last played Counterstrike and I guess most of the time, I don't play the game all the time. When I was 17 and the game first appeared in computer shops, I already had a distinct game style.

Basically, I scream and curse loudly to level on the fact that I have a bad kill-death record.

And I guess it's always been the same in almost all CS iterations. For as long as you have a good computer. you know how to use the game controls. and your hands aren't that sweaty (although I know a lot of people who can endure this), you're going to be okay playing this.

Anyway, I just played my first CS2 casual game and I still think this game is best played with friends. I don't like the idea of hearing Chinese-speaking friends playing like what my friends did nearly a score and a half a decade ago.

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