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I like Korean variety programs.

At the moment, 1N2D Season 4 and Running Man are on top of my list with Hangout with Yoo (How Do You Play), Master in the House, Knowing Bros, Little Old Boy, and No Math School Trip getting the occasional views. The K-Variety shows I like are either comedic or problem-solving. I like Sixth Sense, Great Escape, Girls High School Mystery Class, Busted, The Genius, Society Game, The Zone, and Crime Scene and sometimes, my love for the genre trickles into their other endeavors.

I don't necessarily like K-Pop.

With that said, there are exceptions.

The only K-pop girl acts I ear-spam are Girls Generation, Bibi, and this. Girls Generation, I like their Korean variety programs. These girls are tight-knit and notoriously evil with each other and it's like watching the prettier versions of Kim Jong Min, Kim Jun Ho, and most of the 1N2D incarnations. Bibi, on the other hand, is a cast member of the Girls High School Mystery Class and some of her songs are in English.

And then there's Joojoo Secret (or Juju Secret).

I was watching How Do You Play's newest project with the initial reason being that it brought into the fold most of the former Infinite Challenge members and acquaintances. I am a fan of Yoo Jae Suk as well as Haha (Running Man), Jo Se Ho (Running Man perennial guest and Flower Crew), and Yoo Byung Jae (Great Escape and Flower Crew). Apparently, Jae Suk wants them to former a boyband and since they also have girls in the cast, he wants Park Jin Joo to go back to her training days and Lee Mi Joo back to her Lovelyz days to form a two-woman unit.

That thought sent my ears to a month-long spam of this song.

Now the song is cheesy as hell. It reminded me of the 90s Japanese anime songs where there is a cute lead (probably one of the harem comedies like Ranma 1/2, Tenchi Muyo, and others).

But I can't help it.

Anyway, the only other way for me to listen to these cheesy songs that I don't understand is by listening to their studio versions. I just like it when they have "WISH bus" versions.

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