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I remember bumping into the pillars of a school on Shaw Boulevard.

Well, technically, there are TWO SCHOOLS on Shaw Boulevard.

Also, I am still learning the ways of parking.

With that said, I love my GM Michikot. This is my red, metallic dog. It's a 2022 MG ZS Alpha AT that is both a British car and a Chinese car. Whenever there's a person who attempts to ride the car, there would be a moment in which I would pimp my sunroof, heater, and rear camera.

My car is still under 5,000 kilometers.


I hastily bought the car because it had a December promo, and I thought my company would end our WFH status. In some ways, I should have bought a car a long time ago, because I realize that my fears were more of bumping a car that I do not own.

I remember when my dad first bumped into the car and then received a knock while taking a shower when some guy with a Ford Territory accidentally bumped into my parked car. I remember my first drive to Batangas wasn't as scary as when I first parked on a busy Sunday in SM Megamall. Every Saturday, my dad and I go to SM North EDSA so I can buy bread and him to pay the bills. Yes, we are just looking for weak reasons to get out of the house and hang out.

Most recently, my nine-year-old son finally got to sit next to the driver's seat. He would then return to the back after one ride because I said to him that the people in front were required to stay awake for the duration of the trip.

I remember my impromptu trip to Tagaytay as well as the first time I went home after a night out. And I remember all the times I would go to either McDonald's or Burger King after a trip to Pasig or a night out. And most recently, I remember all my car pics whenever I park in a mall for documentation purposes (so I won't get lost.)

There is one other thing I want to do, but I can't say it yet because as of this moment, it's a farfetched thought.

I will end this blog with a Youtube video of Kiko Machine's Michikot.

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