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I went insane this week.

I bought a lot of Nikola Vucevic cards on eBay.

I know he's my fantasy MVP but I don't have a lot of Vooch cards.

Also, I have been checking out eBay a lot lately. Panini released a new line called Panini PhotoGenic and the card set is awesome. I am going to collect the old school line of base cards. My favorite at the moment is the Vince Carter card but I have yet to get his card. On hand, my favorite is definitely the Ray Allen card.

I mean, I forget that he once upon a time, is more known for his slash and slam prowess.

Nikola Vucevic aren't as expensive. Moreover, there are a lot of eBay sellers with reasonable shipping prices. Normally, I would go to COMC.COM but I have an ongoing experiment with Philippine Customs at the moment (if orders valued at 10,000 pesos or less can be directly shipped to your home) and my experience on eBay never sent me to an otherwise-foreign land to me that is Pasay City. I bought a bunch on eBay and when I receive my other cards (either for keeps or for resell), I will then pursue on buying his autograph and mem cards.

I have had successful fantasy league campaigns with Vucevic as either my first or second choice. I know his numbers have decreased as the Chicago Bulls' third option but his entry to the squad prompted me to lean towards the Bulls more, even if the Boston Celtics were able to hit the NBA Finals for the first time since The Big Three era.

Hopefully he can perform better for the Bulls despite the evolution of Patrick Williams, Ayo Dosunmu, and Devonte Green as well as the entries of Andre Drummond and Goran Dragic.

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