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I discovered Netflix a couple of weeks ago and spammed Korean dramas.

I first checked out Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Start-Up, and Hot Stove League.

I am a sucker for sports-themed dramas but I thought Hot Stove League went a bit absurd toward the end. Actually, the only reason why I checked this out is that I love Doctor Prisoner with Namkoong Min as the lead. The Kang Doo Ki trade to the Titans is actually the worst plotline with the incompetent manager as the "swerve". I thought it was unrealistic - even if I have seen sign-and-trade deals in the past.

I also understand that it's the main plot point but I wished they could have given the franchise purchase part more time.

Of the three, I think they are all good but I enjoyed Start-Up the most. I am a fan of Kim Seon Ho's stressed-out persona in 1N2D so seeing his comedic chops and his dramatic awesomeness is nice. I guess after doubling down on Kang Eun Bin dramas, I need to even things out with Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha.

Goddamn you, Netflix.

This is why I never invited you into my life for your first decade of existence.

But I think I need to tone down on the K-Dramas though. This is the first narrative on my blog in a while and I need to buy a bunch of PBA stats to further make my blog site some sort of Philippine Basketball Reference microsite.

Oh well.

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