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Is it that time already?

I guess going in and out of the blog world made me realize that I never really had a political ad before. The current and next-to-current administrations had pitfalls but unlike most people, I don’t delve into crazy old-to-middle-aged people trying to start a riot with their constituents for the sake of “unity”.

I still remember my son’s birthday party and how fucked up the messages I got.

“Can’t come. I don’t want to see your ______ because he/she is a _________ f*cktard.”

I would have been okay if they said they had prior commitments.

So back to political ads.

I don’t really know if this is going to work. Less than 30 percent of the voting public has a stable internet connection and most of them have already a candidate in their mind. Also, the last two presidents were “reluctant” presidential candidates. The earlier you express your intent, the worse the insults and the shaming you would get.

If you want to promise better education... then how about giving students in the mountains desks.

Oh, I still hate the fact that one admin ruined a good education system and the other admin continued the system despite its visible flaws.

I just saw my niece moving up a level... a week before my son goes online for his first day of school.

So, just in case my blog gets more than five daily impressions and for some reason, one would question my political inclination…

As of this writing, I left Batangas at around 5 pm and got to my house before 7 pm because the RFID and the Skyway made things quicker. I also saw the improvements in going to the airport. I also noticed all the skyscrapers and realized that regardless of every shitty thing there is to bitch and moan about, the country has endured and improved.

I bet my balls that the planning stages weren’t done overnight.

And I bet my balls that the next administration would continue overseeing the development.

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