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I never cared about the beef between Orlando Magic's most recent top pick Paolo Banchero and Atlanta's newly-acquired all-star, Dejounte Murray.

However, what the hell is Murray doing?

It's like a 25-year-old big bro messing with his 19-year-old almost-seven-feet little brother.

But then I saw these GIFs.

And then it further escalated on social media when a barrage of unflattering messages prompted Murray to unfollow Banchero on Instagram.

I guess it's fun seeing kids lose their cool in games but when they put this on social media, they need to understand that this beef will become extra tasty as the years go by.

With that said, hopefully, this beef will be off the equal kind. I mean, I don't degrade role players. I actually find LeBron James' interactions with Lance Stephenson and DeShawn Stevenson funny as well as every encounter that Patrick Beverley has with Russell Westbrook.

It would be nice if this would turn into some sort of Michael Jordan versus Isiah Thomas thing though. I mean outside the court, they said a lot of things... but it's extra spicy if they try to one-up each other to legendary proportions.

I guess the only thing to ruin this is the fact that Banchero is an untested rookie with the delicate situation of being a bust while Murray was acquired from San Antonio to further Trae Young's ascent to NBA superstardom.

As I said, I hope this beef would be as awesome inside the court as it is outside the court.

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