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Of the all-star duels, the North versus South games were the most NBA-like.

This is also the most volatile because a so-so season can result in an all-star starting role because the player is a hometown hero.

The first edition of the North versus South duels was held in Pasig, so no hometown cooking was injected. In some ways, this felt right - and it's also probably one of the most balanced rosters in league history.

Finally, Abet Guidaben got to rock an official all-star jersey as he also shared the spotlight with fellow pioneer Robert Jaworski. However, it seems like we can't have nice things because this time, Ramon Fernandez was unable to participate due to injury. The Franchise also had a significant drop in numbers - as this is the first time Fernandez's scoring average has dropped to less than 13ppg since his entry into the league.

Anyway, the South All-Stars defeated the North All-Stars, 108 to 105. Alvin Teng, who stepped in the absence of a lot of San Miguel's top stars, rose to the occasion and became the All-Star MVP.

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